Water & Flood Damage

water-damageWater and flood damage can be catastrophic, causing thousands of dollars in loss, maybe much more. Most people know when water is present in materials within a structure: Visible signs of water damage can include wet drywall, saturated carpet, paint blisters, etc. The odor of mildew is typically caused when water mixes with materials, NOT from actual mildew!

What most people DON’T know is where the water damage is present within the structure and materials, and how far it spread. Even if water was only visible in the carpet, there are materials that are 90% of the time involved, subfloors or concrete, padding, tack strips, wall studs and plates, drywall wicking, insulation, baseboards, etc. Only meters or thermal imaging cameras can detect exactly where water is present.

Once the water is detected and a plan for the type of water has been determined, can we proceed to drying efforts or removal of materials.

If water damage is not reported within 48 hours, you risk mold and mildew contamination and is likely not covered by insurance claims!

React swiftly and call us immediately! We can determine the size of the claim before calling your insurance! We work with all types of insurance and can develop an estimate quickly!

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