Fire & Smoke Damage

fire-damageIf you have encountered this problem, you are needing a professional to mitigate damage caused by fire, smoke, and water.

Let’s face it, when the Fire Department shows up, it is not to deliver cookies. It usually involves axes, hoses, sledge hammers, chain saws, and LOTS of water. This is all while your personal belongings are in the structure and are then saturated with smoke, soot, and water.

PRS has the tools, chemicals, drying equipment, and electricians to provide emergency electricity and emergency lighting.

Most structural fires require an engineer to determine the structure safe to work in. PRS has emergency engineers available to get the ball rolling.

Contents CAN be salvaged! Clothing, textiles, furniture can be cleaned and salvaged in most cases and we will work with your insurance to determine the best protocol for doing so. The most important aspect of fire and smoke damage is to NEVER smell or see that the home or business had a fire!

PRS is certified to mitigate smoke and fire damage and can move quickly!

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