• mold-removal

    Mold & Mildew Removal

    What is mold? Where does it grow and why? Mold is an organic living organism that thrives on the deterioration of other organic materials.
  • Property Reconstruction Work- Water Damage

    Water & Flood Damage

    If water damage is not reported within 48 hours, you risk mold and mildew contamination and is likely not covered by insurance claims!
  • Wind Damage

    Wind & Storm Damage

    In Colorado, the winds can whip up very quickly, forcing us indoors and listening to the windows and doors howl.
  • fire-damage reconstruction

    Fire & Smoke Damage

    If you have encountered this problem, you are needing a professional to mitigate damage caused by fire, smoke, and water.
  • construction-reconstruction

    Construction & Reconstruction

    Property Restoration Solutions provides exactly what our name says: a solution to your home or properties needs.
  • interior-design

    Interior Design

    Restoring the beauty of your home often requires the help of a professional design team. Property Restoration Solutions has experienced design staff to assist you.